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NY Democrat Rep. Gregory Meeks Investigated on Corruption Charges

April 3, 2010

Yet another Democrat being investigated.  From Gateway Pundit:

A federal grand jury is investigating Democrat Gregory Meeks for his involvement with a charity that raised money for Hurricane Katrina victims who never received a dime. Meeks is also being investigated for a shady house deal.
The National Legal and Policy Center reported:

According to the New York Daily News today, a federal grand jury is investigating some of Queens’ most prominent politicians, including Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY). NLPC first exposed Meeks’ involvement with a charity called New Direction that raised money for Hurricane Katrina victims who never received it. NLPC also first exposed Meeks’ purchase of a home for far less than it is worth.

In a Complaint to the House Ethics Committee filed on March 19, NLPC asked for an investigation of Meeks’ purchase of the house. The Complaint detailed how a contractor named Robert Gaskin not only built the home for Meeks, but also did work for several other Queens politicians and nonprofits they control. At the same time, Gaskin received numerous contracts on taxpayer-funded projects.


Wisconsin Senate Democrats Try to Radically Change Voting Rules

April 2, 2010

From Thomas Lifson in the American Thinker:

Wisconsin Senator Glenn Grothman alerts us that Democrats are trying to push a radical 72-page bill less than 16 hours after its hearing. He writes:
Senate Bill 640 [is] a bill which radically changes Wisconsin election law going into this year’s election.  The 72-page bill was not even introduced until March 23. 
Senate Bill 640 makes many changes to Wisconsin election law including the following: 
  • 1) The bill allows municipalities to set up satellite absentee ballot stations for early voting. These stations apparently could be done in college dorms, outside of bars, or other inappropriate locals.
  • 2) The current open government practice of allowing any citizen to challenge individual ballots would end as monitoring of elections of statewide or national significance would be restricted to people who live within that polling district.
  • 3) Permanent absentee ballot status would be established in which ballots would be sent to people who historically do not vote in low-turnout elections. Currently, permanent absentee ballot status is restricted to people who are confined because of age, physical illness, infirmity, or disabled infinitely making them unable to get to the polls.
  • 4) University IDs could be offered as proof of residence for registration and voting.
  • 5) The increased cost of processing and mailing out the additional absentee ballots is an unfunded mandate that local municipalities will not be able to absorb.
  • 6) Local municipalities will be forced to hire speakers of a foreign language if at least 5% of the adults in their district are not English proficient.
  • 7) The bill proposes to set up a statewide database of voters that the authors said they would hope to link up to a national database.
“This is a shocking power grab some extremist Democrats are trying to change our laws so that more unqualified voters are able to vote and so that we are not able to determine whether or not voting fraud in fact took place,” said Grothman.  “That is clearly the motivation behind trying to have a much larger number of permanent absentee voters as well as preventing an individual outside a polling place to object to inappropriate voting.”
“Ironically, the voting change that most Wisconsin citizens request, Voter ID, is about the only thing not included in this far-reaching bill that is being fast-tracked through the State Legislature.”
View the entire article here.

VA Democrat Tom Perriello: “If you don’t tie our hands, we will keep stealing”.

March 19, 2010

At least he’s honest.

Democrat Rep. Eric Massa to Resign

March 5, 2010

Another Democrat embroiled in a scandal.  How novel.  Welcome to Hope and Change.


Facing “allegations of misconduct” that reportedly involve sexual harassment against a male staffer, freshman Rep. Eric Massa is resigning Monday.

“I own his reality,” the New York Democrat said in a statement, admitting to using language that “might make a chief petty officer feel uncomfortable.”

Massa went on to call Washington an “incredibly toxic atmosphere” and said the ethics committee probe “would tear my family and my staff apart.”

“In that investigators would be free to ask anything about me going back to my birth, I simply cannot rise to that level of perfection,” he said. “God knows that I am a deeply flawed and imperfect person.”

The House ethics panel is reviewing a complaint by a male staffer who reportedly felt uncomfortable in a situation with Massa that had sexual overtones.

Massa said he is resigning with a “profound sense of failure and a deep apology to all those whom, for the past year, I tried to represent as our nation struggles with problems far greater than anyone can possibly imagine.”

Massa announced Wednesday he would retire at the end of his term because of a recurrence of non-Hodgkins lymphoma, first diagnosed in 1996. He also addressed head-on the harassment allegations.

“The allegations are totally false. I am a salty old sailor,” Massa, a former Navy officer, said at a news conference. “These are blogs that are saying that I am leaving because of charges of harassing my staff. Do and have I used salty language? Yes, and I have tried to do better.” 

Salty language?  Don’t think so.  View the full article here.

Democrat Rep. William Delahunt To Retire

March 5, 2010

To quote Rosslyn Smith in the American Thinker, “Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to let Amy Bishop kill her brother without prosecution.”  Yet another shady Democrat leaving office w/o seeking reelection.  See ya.

Congressman William Delahunt announced that he will not seek reelection. According to the veteran Massachusetts lawmaker, recently returned from an extended trip to the Middle East, it’s because he wants to spend more time with his infant granddaughter.
“It’s got nothing to do with politics,” the Quincy Democrat said today. “Life is about change. I think it’s healthy. It’s time.”
A few days ago it was noted that Delahunt appeared to be spending down his war chest so this announcement was not unexpected.  While his seat has generally been considered a safe retention for Democrats in November two recent factors have put that conventional political wisdom into some doubt. Not only did Delahunt’s district break strongly for Scott Brown in the special Senate election but in recent weeks Delahunt found himself at the center of a surprising controversy.   In 1986 when Delahunt was a District Attorney his office decided not to prosecute accused University of Alabama Huntsville shooter Amy Bishop for the shooting of her brother.  Bishop had killed him with a pump action shotgun and was apprehended at gunpoint some distance away from the scene by Braintree police after she had pointed the shotgun at workers at a dealership in an attempt to obtain a getaway car. That information somehow never made it into the Massachusetts state police file when the case was handed over to them.  The current District Attorney is conducting an investigation into how the 1986 case was mishandled. Jason Tuohy in the Boston Globe:
Delahunt’s retirement is the 17th among House Democrats, and the third among lawmakers with close ties to Kennedy. Senator Christopher Dodd, Democrat of Connecticut and a close Kennedy friend, announced his retirement in January; Rhode Island Representative Patrick Kennedy, the late senator’s son, followed suit last month.
In addition, when questioned about running should Delahunt retire, Joseph P. Kennedy III recently announced that he wasn’t interested in running for office at this time.  

When Liberalism Attacks: Detroit

December 24, 2009

Liberalism, while intended to do good, typically erodes everything it touches.  Everything.  The city of Detroit, MI is a prime example.  Years of high taxes, Democrats in office, the UAW, and an ignorant population due to a failed public school system have eroded this once-great city into near shambles, as evidenced in the video below.  Will it ever return to its lofty status?  Or is it too far gone?

Baucus Nominated Mistress for Fed Post

December 5, 2009

Montana Democrat Senator Max Baucus, Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and author of the Baucus Healthcare Bill, nominated his mistress for the U.S. Attorney position for Montana. 


Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus was romantically involved with a former staffer when he recommended her earlier this year to become the next U.S. attorney for Montana, a spokesman said.

The Montana Democrat and his former state office director Melodee Hanes began their relationship in the summer of 2008 after Baucus separated from his wife, Ty Matsdorf told The Associated Press late Friday.

View the full article here.

Democrat William Jefferson Receives 13-Year Jail Sentence

November 14, 2009

Disgraced Democrat William Jefferson, formerly a Representative from Louisiana, received a 13-year jail sentence yesterday after being found guilty on corruption charges. It was the harshest penalty ever for a former member of Congress.

From Story Balloon:

William Jefferson was sentenced today for quite a few federal offenses. Among them bribery. He’s most famous for having the freezer with $90,000 in cash inside.

According to Politico:

Jefferson’s sentence was the harshest ever handed out to a former lawmaker, but Justice Department officials said Jefferson warranted such a severe sanction due to the unprecedented scale of his corruption. Jefferson appeared in court Friday afternoon in a black suit and a red tie, with his five daughters, his wife and his brother.

Jefferson did not speak at his sentencing, and his attorney Robert Trout says he will appeal the conviction.

“This sentence should be a clear signal that our society will not tolerate bribery,” said U.S. Attorney Neal H. MacBride. “It’s not just a cost of doing business in government.”

Another federal prosecutor, Mark Lytle, called Jefferson’s crimes “the most extensive and pervasive pattern of corruption in the history of congress.” Click here to read more from Politico.


The Wall Street Journal reports:

Jefferson’s seven-week trial included video and audio tapes of him meeting with a federal informant at Washington D.C. hotel restaurants. Prosecutors said he used his congressional status to concoct schemes that would help pay college tuition for his daughters. Jefferson served on a trade subcommittee and is alleged to have shaken down businessmen who came to his office seeking help with African deals.

Defense attorneys portrayed Jefferson as possibly unethical but not a criminal and said he was a victim of an over-aggressive prosecution aimed at “bagging a congressman.” They said Jefferson was entrapped by investigators who wired the informant to try to nab him. Click Here For More From The Wall St. Journal.

View the entire article here.

Corruption Trial Begins for Baltimore Mayor/Obama Supporter

November 10, 2009

A corruption trial began yesterday for Sheila Dixon, the Democrat Mayor of Baltimore and avid Obama supporter.  From Gatewaypundit:

The trial began on Monday for Obama supporter and Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon on corruption charges.
Dixon was a top Obama supporter during the 2008 election.
Here’s Dixon at an Obama rally in 2008 promising jobs and health care for everyone:

The New York Times reported:

Mayor Sheila Dixon went on trial on corruption charges on Monday, the result of a state inquiry started in 2006 that has cast a cloud over Ms. Dixon’s administration despite her best efforts to keep the focus on running the city.

The case involves seven counts of theft and embezzlement stemming from accusations that Ms. Dixon used $1,500 worth of gift cards intended for needy families while she was City Council president and mayor.

Ms. Dixon is also likely to face a second trial on two perjury counts in the coming months. Those charges stem from an accusation that Ms. Dixon failed to report gifts on city ethics forms — cash, travel and clothes — from Ronald H. Lipscomb, whom Ms. Dixon dated in 2003 and 2004. During those years, Mr. Lipscomb’s company received millions of dollars’ worth of city tax credits for its development projects.