Air America Selling Its Users’ Email Addresses

Air America – the Left’s sad attempt at Liberal Radio in which their curious business model consisted of hate-speech, no audience, and therefore no sponsors – is auctioning off  their users’ email addresses to the highest bidder as part of their bankruptcy filing.  So though they repeatedly stated that their users’ info was safe, it turns out that wasn’t the case.  Yet another hard lesson to be learned for those on the Left. 

On the positive side, they had a pathetically small audience to begin with and I imagine the same could be said of the number of users who submitted their email addresses.  So it’s probably not as bad as it seems.


It’s been reported that since progressive radio network Air America filed for bankruptcy on January 25th, 2010, everything has been for sale in the companywide liquidation that’s followed. The auction began today at 11:00 EDT.

While there may be something poignant about that for fans of the network, there’s one thing on the auction block that’s likely to bother them more than the broadcast equipment and cubicles: Their e-mail mailing list, which auctioneers are billing at “intellectual property.”

This in spite of the fact that Air America’s privacy agreement said that newsletter e-mail addresses “[would] not be divulged to any third party” as recently as January 17th of this year.

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