The Top 12 Scams from Obama (to date)

This is quite a list.  Nice read from Jim Guirara in the American Thinker.

SCAM #1 — He loudly asserts complete “transparency,” but there is little or none — e.g., his birthplace records, his Marxist parentage and upbringing, his school records from grammar to graduate, his passport records, his radical-left personal and professional associations, his deep association with the ACORN conspiracy, his Harvard Law Review and book-writing records, and his multiple far-left, non-vetted, unconfirmed, and largely unaccountable regulatory “czars.”

SCAM #2 — He continues to assure “bipartisanship” and “accountability,” but there is little of either, with most of his “economic stimulus” legislation and “TARP” funding — and now the health care proposals — crafted behind closed doors and with all of the Republicans (and all centrist and conservative Democrats, as well) actually locked out.

NOTE: Massachusetts voters seem to have decided that “BUYpartisanship” might be a better spelling for the blatant vote-buying of several Senate Democrats (and probably as many House Democrats, as well) who are so servile as to be for sale.

SCAM #3 — He promises not to sign any health care bill which “adds a single dime to the deficit” — but he deceitfully front-loads taxes and back-loads benefits to make it seem so, and he contrives multiple “scoring” schemes which grossly underestimate hidden costs by trillions of such “single dimes.”

SCAM #4 — He pledges not to raise the taxes of anyone who earns less than such-and-such amount — a number which keeps getting smaller and smaller — and cynically labels $250-“stimulus” handouts as “tax cuts for 95 percent of all taxpayers.”

SCAM #5 — He has assured that there would no role (or positions of substantial influence) for “lobbyists” in his administration, but he has made so many exceptions and end-runs as to render the original pledge a prima facie lie. (Surely, SEIU President Andy Stern, who virtually lives in the White House, would never “lobby” the president on anything.)

SCAM #6 — He pretends to have left the Liberation Theology church when he has merely distanced himself from a particularly radical minister — while then appointing that minister’s hand-picked and equally radical successor, Rev. Cecil Morris, to his Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Initiatives. Further, he has appointed a Cuban expatriate Liberation Theology theologian, Professor Miguel Diaz, as his ambassador to the Vatican.

SCAM #7 — He claims not to be a socialist, but a “progressive” instead — when the latter has long been the radical left’s codeword for the former, and even when such “Death to America” socialists and communists as Fidel Castro, Hugo Chávez, and Daniel Ortega proudly claim the “progressive” label as well.

SCAM #8 — He talks of “energy independence” but proposes multilayered policies of Less Energy at Higher Prices (LEAHP) — all of which are devoted to a ruinously low “carbon footprint” belief system which is itself a pseudo-religious scam, correctly being called by many the Branch Carbonian Cult.

SCAM #9 — He embraces as “scientific consensus” the junk science of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) and shamelessly rejects virtually all scientific evidence (re: solar cycles, cosmic winds, ocean currents, volcanic activity, etc.) to the contrary, just as the pseudo-scientific Branch Carbonians do.

SCAM #10 — He promises “jobs, jobs, jobs” while he relentlessly proposes — in an apparent state of cognitive dissonance — both the proactive outforcing of jobs and capital investment and the determined downforcing of most major domestic energy supplies.  

SCAM #11 — He repeatedly blames the ever-exploding budget deficits and the unending loss of jobs on “the Bush economy we inherited” — when it was clearly the Pelosi-Reid Congressional Economy of 2007-08 (with its promises of higher taxes and of radical “carbon-footprint” crackdowns) that he inherited, which had already ended the de facto Bush Boom of the preceding three years, 2004-06.

SCAM #12 — He cynically relabels global terrorism a “man-caused disaster” and redefines al-Qaeda-inspired and trained enemy combatants as mere Miranda-protected “criminals” — and thereby tries to insulate himself and his legacy from ever having “lost a war,” which, after all, was never a war in the first place.


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  1. Mr. Xyz Says:

    This spoof of climate science may be of interest:

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