Danny Glover Blames Haiti Earthquake on Global Warming

Danny Glover, actor and friend of Hugo Chavez, knows what caused the earthquake in Haiti this past week.  Apparently he dabbles in geology in his spare time.

From Ethel Fenig in the American Thinker:

Most geologists, geographers and other earth scientists have explained how the movement of tectonic plates caused the tragic earthquake in Haiti.
Most. But not all.
The most authoritative, the most knowledgeable scientist disagrees. This respected scientist, who also moonlights as actor Danny Glover, knows what really, really is responsible for the earthquake’s horror. Graciously sharing his advanced scientific and technical insight with the rest of the world so it won’t occur again, he clearly explains


“What happened in Haiti could happen to anywhere in the Caribbean because all these island nations are in peril because of global warming.”

“When we see what we did at the climate summit in Copenhagen, this is the response, this is what happens, you know what I’m saying? We have to act now!”


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