NPR Uses Taxpayer Funds to Bash Tea Party Protesters

From Political Lore:

Ridicule of Americans who participated in Tea Party rallies is not just for MSNBC and CNN anymore. National Public Radio (NPR) has gone all Alinksy on Tea Partiers, and your tax dollars are helping to pick up the tab.

A prime example of radical socialist Saul Alinksy’s Rule #5 (Ridicule) is featured prominently on NPR’s website — in the form of a flash animation titled “Learn To Speak Tea Bag” — which ridicules tea partiers, pro-lifers, opponents of the Democrat Party’s health care reform, and more specifically, three Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives (John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Michele Bachmann).

NPR, more than any other network, best fits Rush Limbaugh’s description of “state-run” media. Although its supporters are quick to point out that only a small percentage of NPR’s funding comes from taxpayerss, that still amounts to millions of your tax dollars every year.

National Public Radio has long been a hotbed of liberal bias, but it has become more radically leftist in recent years. The implementation of Alinskyite tactics by NPR is just the latest controversy to boil around the controversial network. Just last month, NPR brass put pressure on its chief political correspondent, Mara Liasson, in an effort to discourage her from appearing so frequently on FOX News as a contributor. What is the pubic radio executives’ problem with Liasson’s participation on FNC’s “Special Report” and other programs? The people who run NPR are far out there in left field that they perceived FOX to be too politically biased. Pot, meet kettle.

The Bottom Line: NPR is using taxpayer money to call those who have participated in Tea party events and their supporters idiots. With the liberal Democrats in Congress in charge of NPR’s purse strings, those who make NPR’s decisions have calculated that they can get away with it scot-free.


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