Democrats Cut $43 Billion from Medicare Home Health Care

This is supposed to be the Party of the People?  Maybe they meant the Party of the ‘Young’ People, since they’ve essentially hung homebound Medicare recipients, most of which are elderly, out to dry with their latest move.

From Carol Brown in the American Thinker:

As Senate Democrats hung together last week on a “test” vote on health care reform, their willingness to cut Medicare to fund their colossal plan revealed their willingness to abandon the most vulnerable among us – the frail and elderly. Many among the oldest of the old receive in-home care, something that is essential as it helps reduce hospital admissions or winding up in a nursing home. It also provides access to medical services for those with the added challenge of living in rural communities.

Home health care will be a casualty of the current bill as it is slated to absorb more than 10% of the Medicare cut. Ironically, proponents of health care reform brag about how the bill will reduce costly hospitalizations of elderly folks. But by slashing home health care, the effect will be the opposite of their stated intentions. More elderly patients will be hospitalized as a result, not less.

Of course the Democrats have rationalizations for everything. But their explanations are nothing more than double talk that appears to be founded on something akin to the credibility of climate change. Democrats in both houses of Congress have rationalized the cuts by claiming that care will not be compromised. The Senate Finance Committee as gone so far as to suggest that the proposed changes would “encourage home care workers to become more productive.”

“Encourage home care workers to be more productive.” What does that even mean?

As far as I can tell, the expectation of increased productivity suggests that home care workers are currently slacking off on the job. But if the nurses who work for Eastern Maine Home Care cited in this article are any example, they sure aren’t slackers. These nurses see patients throughout rural parts of the state, traveling across fields and forests, using snowmobiles and cross country skis, doing whatever it takes to take care of their patients.

Perhaps the Democrats are counting on increased productivity in the form of home care workers increasing the length of their shift for no extra pay. Or, I suppose cutting corners could be another way to increase productivity.

View the full article here.


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