Univ. of Texas Climate Change Lecture Postponed due to Snowstorm

Oh, the irony!  From JammieWearingFool:

Heh. We noted earlier the snow down in Houston. Now reader Jed passes along this deliciously ironic note from the University of Texas where a lecture on mythical global warming had to be rescheduled due to the Gore Effect.

Climate change is coming to Texas but how much and in what ways will Texas be affected by global warming? Will central Texas become a desert? Will rainfall actually increase? Will there be more wildfires? Will there be more hurricanes? What kind of climate change does Texas need to be ready for? Climate expert Gerald North will discuss climate change and its effect on the Lone Star state and its people.

How about “Why it’s snowing in South Texas and making us look retarded” as a topic of discussion?

The Gore Effect is a bitch.


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One Response to “Univ. of Texas Climate Change Lecture Postponed due to Snowstorm”

  1. hoboduke Says:

    Al Gorge hasn’t told us what to do? He has retreated to his inner sanctum, and no sign of our fearless leader on global warming.

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