Barack Obama, Nobel Laureate

With today’s stunning news of Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, it looks like  he really is becoming the next Jimmy Carter.  Let us count the ways.

  1. Both had horrific foreign policies
  2. Both saw the US economy spiral downward during their tenures
  3. Both saw a drastic rise in unemployment during their time in office
  4. Both disliked Israel
  5. Both had negative dealings with the Olympic Games (Carter boycotted the Moscow Olympics in 1980, punishing only our athletes, and Obama failed to land Chicago for the 2016)
  6. Both appeased Iran
  7. Both won the Nobel Prize

Though both have so much in common, which is the worst? It’s probably too early to tell but as of today the advantage goes to Jimmy Carter.  But The One is only 9 months in and he’s nearly equalled Mr. Peanut’s failures in an extremely short amount of time.  With that said I have a feeling he’ll be the winner by a landslide when all is said and done.  Which unfortunately means the loser will be the people of the United States.

Update: as noted in The American Thinker, the Nobel Prize’s own website lists the deadline date for submission as February 1st.  That means Obama had been in office less than 2 weeks when his name was submitted.  So why did he win this again?


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