ACORN Sues Videographers

As reported in The American Thinker, ACORN is suing the videographers (James “The Pimp” O’Keefe III and Hannah “The Pro” Giles) based on their Baltimore office video.  Never mind that the ACORN office in question didn’t have a valid business license.

In what has to be a really dumb move the Baltimore office of ACORN has sued videographers O’Keefe and Giles saying that Maryland law forbids the audio taping without the permission of all parties.

Interestingly, the two employees who say their firing caused them emotional distress didn’t sue ACORN which fired them, and both were filmed in an open area accessible to the public and worked for an organization which lacked a valid Baltimore business license.

Discovery should be interesting.

View the full article here, which also mentions how Barney Frank is no longer supporting ACORN, blaming the earlier statement on a staffer.  Right.


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