Newt Gingrich on Healthcare: WSJ Op-Ed

Newt Gingrich weighs-in again on the Healthcare debate in today’s Wall Street Journal Op-Ed. Two important themes discussed are:

1) That Government would destroy incentive (hard to argue against)

Standing in opposition to this world of hope is the vision of reform advanced by President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats. That vision would destroy the economic incentives that drive health-care innovation because it starts with a fundamental conceit: that government planners can spend health-care dollars better than patients and doctors in the marketplace.

2) The removal of current roadblocks

We could also expand choice and competition by repealing laws that prevent patients from buying health insurance across state lines. States can follow Florida’s example by setting up a Web site that posts real-time prices for medications at different drug stores so customers can comparison shop. The government should make public information collected through Medicare that will allow consumers to see where they can get the cheapest and most effective treatments.

A good read overall. To view the full article, click here.



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