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ACORN in the White House

September 29, 2009

What a tangled web we weave.  Turns out ACORN has a man in the White House.  His name is Patrick Gaspard and he’s the Political Affairs Director, the Karl Rove equivalent during most of the Bush years.  From Matthew Vadum of The American Spectator:

Newly discovered evidence shows the radical advocacy group ACORN has a man in the Obama White House.

This power behind the throne is longtime ACORN operative Patrick Gaspard. He holds the title of White House political affairs director, the same title Karl Rove held in President Bush’s White House.

Evidence shows that years before he joined the Obama administration, Gaspard was ACORN boss Bertha Lewis’s political director in New York.

Lewis, the current “chief organizer” or CEO of ACORN, was head of New York ACORN from at least 1994 through 2008, when she took over as national leader of ACORN. With Gaspard at work in the White House, Lewis might as well be speaking to President Obama through an earpiece as he goes about his daily business ruining the country.

View the full, damning, article here.


Obama to Copenhagen

September 29, 2009

Never mind that the economy is in a serious rut, the unemployment rate is nearing 10%, inflation is approaching, Iran is about to go nuclear, or that Afghanistan needs a new strategy.  Obama has no time for such petty distractions.  Instead he’s off to Copenhagen to  meet with the International Olympic Committee and lobby Chicago as the host city for the 2016 Olympic Summer Games, as noted in Fox News.

In difficult times such as these we need a leader for a president.  Instead we’re stuck with a rookie and his teleprompter.  November 2, 2010 can’t get here soon enough.

Is Liberalism Collapsing?

September 29, 2009

The American Thinker has a good read on the potential, and hopeful, collapse of Liberalism. Like Communism it will hopefully become less relevant.  How ironic would it be that this could occur after the ultimate Liberal himself, Barack Obama, was elected not even a year ago?  

Less than a year into his presidency, Barack Obama’s world grows bleaker.  Liberalism’s world is bleaker.  At home and abroad, liberalism, as advanced by the President, is failing.  Are we witnessing the beginnings of another historic event, loosely comparable to the fall of communism twenty years ago?  Now the fall of liberalism?

Remember, at the beginning of the 1980s, no one would have predicted that by the decade’s close the Berlin Wall would fall, communism would be discredited and the Soviet Union would be less than a couple of years away from dissolution. 

Though no conservative worth his salt is surprised by liberalism’s shortcomings, the rapidity of its failure is surprising.  More importantly, it’s alarming, for though the effects of liberalism’s failure are damaging to us at home, they may prove terrible to us abroad. 

Step back to consider.  What’s working for Mr. Obama and the Democrats?

Despite the Democrats’ interventions, an anemic economy promises nothing more than a tepid recovery, if that.  Democrats are indebting the nation to the tune of trillions of dollars.  The greenback has been debased.  Serious inflation is coming, and that inflation will trigger another economic downturn, one that might be sharper and deeper than we’re now experiencing.


…The economic policies of Lyndon Johnson and Jimmy Carter were disasters, culminating in bitter years of stagflation. Rather than learning from those calamitous years, and from the subsequent Reagan years, when the damage was undone and the economy righted, liberals stubbornly insist on another go, as if their earlier failures were simply a matter of flawed execution.       

Today, President Obama flirts with protectionism.  He recently slapped sanctions on Chinese tires to appease union bosses.  Free trade agreements with Colombia and other nations shamefully languish in Congress. Protectionism not only hurts consumers and producers, but could spark conflict abroad.

Evidently, currying favor with a key constituency — unions — is of greater importance to Mr. Obama than the economic and national security ramifications of protectionism.  The Smoot-Hawley Act, which built the economic equivalent of the Berlin Wall around the American economy, is increasingly understood as the trigger for the Great Depression.

View the full article here.

Germany Tilting Right

September 28, 2009

It’s a sad state of affairs when Germany, and others in Europe, are beginning to lurch to the right while the U.S. is veering left.  From Rick Moran of The American Thinker:

This may be a harbinger of things to come or, just as likely, a purely German reaction to the failed programs of the social democrats. But Chancellor Angela Merkel’s return to power has come with a price. Her center right Christian Democrats saw their majority shrink but in a big surprise, the pro-business Free Democratic Party increased their share of deputies in the Bundestag and Merkel will be forced to make concessions to the FDP if she wants them in her governing coalition.

As America veers hard left, Germany and the rest of Europe appears ready to lurch rightward; and how ironic is that?

It should be noted that Germany – and Europe’s “right” is hardly conservatism as we know it in the US. But perhaps most significant in these German election results was the “slaughter” of the social democrats and their leftist allies.

View the full article here.  Hopefully this is a sign of things to come over here. November 2, 2010 can’t get here soon enough.

A Falling ACORN

September 26, 2009

Great piece from regarding ACORN’s history and recent troubles.  One can only hope this is the beginning of the end for this pathetic, tax-funded group. 

The disintegration of ACORN continues, with new allegations that the group was using donor money to enrich itself in a “reverse Robin Hood” scheme. This follows the astonishing undercover work of Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government and its intrepid young reporters, James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles, who videotaped some legally flexible “community organizing” from the group. Before Big Government nailed them on video, the group was infamous for pushing the legislation, and irresponsible lending, that caused the subprime crisis, and widespread vote fraud operations. ACORN is one of the few enemies of the American taxpayer that wasn’t invited to speak before the United Nations on Wednesday.

ACORN has decided to silence its critics by suing them. Hannah Giles has opened a legal defense fund. The Big Government web site reports a fund for O’Keefe is coming soon. If you’re a U.S. taxpayer, you’ve already donated to ACORN’s legal defense fund. ACORN has received at least $58 million of your tax dollars since 1994, and congressional Democrats tried to stuff billions in “stimulus” dollars into their pockets.

Direct tax funding is not the only way you’ve paid for ACORN, either. They generate a great deal of their income by shaking down businesses in political protection rackets, and the businesses naturally pass those costs along to their consumers. And, of course, ACORN was a big player in the subprime mortgage collapse, which left you on the hook for billions of dollars in bad mortgages. If you add all this up, you probably spent more on ACORN last year than you spent going to the movies. Hopefully you’re enjoying the show.

ACORN may be unique in its combination of staggering size, fabulous corruption, and low comedy, but they’re not the first corrupt “community” organization, and they won’t be the last. This kind of tumor is a naturally occurring symptom of the Big Government cancer.

View the full article here.  This group, of which Obama himself has personal ties to as noted here, is a prime example how Libs use Government to advance their agenda, not to mention to win elections via voter fraud.  And to think they almost has a prominent role in the Census.  Pathetic.

ACORN Sues Videographers

September 23, 2009

As reported in The American Thinker, ACORN is suing the videographers (James “The Pimp” O’Keefe III and Hannah “The Pro” Giles) based on their Baltimore office video.  Never mind that the ACORN office in question didn’t have a valid business license.

In what has to be a really dumb move the Baltimore office of ACORN has sued videographers O’Keefe and Giles saying that Maryland law forbids the audio taping without the permission of all parties.

Interestingly, the two employees who say their firing caused them emotional distress didn’t sue ACORN which fired them, and both were filmed in an open area accessible to the public and worked for an organization which lacked a valid Baltimore business license.

Discovery should be interesting.

View the full article here, which also mentions how Barney Frank is no longer supporting ACORN, blaming the earlier statement on a staffer.  Right.

Powerful Healthcare Ad by Dick Morris

September 23, 2009

Here’s the ad that the Left doesn’t want aired on television.  Specifically NBC and ABC won’t run the ad, as documented here.

Nice work Dick. See for other Healthcare topics and to donate to have this ad aired.

Dirty Harry!

September 22, 2009

Senator Harry Reid, D-NV, threatened to go nuclear (reconciliation) in order to get the Democrats’ Healthcare bill passed.  From

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid threatened on Tuesday to use a procedural maneuver to steamroll opponents of health care reform, even as a Senate panel began delicate negotiations over a package that could have the best chance at passing. 

The Nevada Democrat, who has issued similar threats before, spoke as the Senate Finance Committee began debate over Chairman Max Baucus’ reform plan. Reid threatened to use a budgetary tool called reconciliation — also known as the “nuclear option” — that would allow Democrats to pass key parts of the legislation with a simple majority, as opposed to the 60 votes needed to avoid a Republican filibuster. 

“If we can’t work this out to do something within the committee structure, then we’ll be forced to do the reconciliation,” Reid said, adding that he views that as a “last resort.” 

“It remains to be seen as to whether we will have to do reconciliation. I am confident and hopeful we won’t have to do that, but time will only tell,” Reid said. 

Republican Sen. Richard Burr, N.C., said reconciliation would be a “grave mistake,” and that Reid underestimates the public concerns over the bill. 

Will Harry back up his talk? And is reconciliation even legal since it’s reserved only for budget matters?  We’ll know soon enough.  View the full article here.

Obama’s Ties to ACORN

September 22, 2009

World Net Daily documents Obama’s ties to ACORN, dating back to the early 90s. 

1990s: Obama meets ACORN

ACORN, or the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, first noticed Obama when he was organizing on the far south side of the city with the Developing Communities Project. A March 2, 2008, Los Angeles Times article by Letta Tayler and Keith Herbert, titled “Obama Forged Path As Chicago Community Organizer,” explored Obama’s pre-law school days as a community organizer in Chicago and his efforts to build a partnership with Chicago’s “Friends of the Parks.”

“Obama’s task was to help far South Side residents press for improvement,” the Times article explained.

National Review Online noted, “Part of Obama’s work, it would appear, was to organize demonstrations, much in the mold of radical groups like ACORN.”

Click Here to view the full article.

Newt Gingrich on Healthcare: WSJ Op-Ed

September 21, 2009

Newt Gingrich weighs-in again on the Healthcare debate in today’s Wall Street Journal Op-Ed. Two important themes discussed are:

1) That Government would destroy incentive (hard to argue against)

Standing in opposition to this world of hope is the vision of reform advanced by President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats. That vision would destroy the economic incentives that drive health-care innovation because it starts with a fundamental conceit: that government planners can spend health-care dollars better than patients and doctors in the marketplace.

2) The removal of current roadblocks

We could also expand choice and competition by repealing laws that prevent patients from buying health insurance across state lines. States can follow Florida’s example by setting up a Web site that posts real-time prices for medications at different drug stores so customers can comparison shop. The government should make public information collected through Medicare that will allow consumers to see where they can get the cheapest and most effective treatments.

A good read overall. To view the full article, click here.

Pitiful Results from the Department of Education

September 20, 2009

Where else but Government do results not factor into something such as funding?  Here’s a perfect illustration from yesterday’s Graph of the Day feature from The American Thinker.   

Dept of Education Spending

And the Libs wonder why people are concerned about Government-run healthcare…

Hello World.